Today we're at the SIME Stockholm conference listening to many interesting and inspiring speakers. Check out the agenda. We're also holding a workshop called "Dreaming up reality - how to create visionary organizations". Here are some of the key take aways from our workshop:

  • A visionary organization is an organization that thinks outside the box, outside of the comfort zone and is fueled by passion. It's an organization where attitudes, values, goals and actions are inspired by and measured against the vision. It's a community that attracts and ignites stars and fans.
  • The vision can be defined as "An image of the future that is so magnetic that it triggers action."
  • Visions answer the question "Where are we heading?"; what is our final destination? The mission answers the question "Why do we exist?"; why should people care about what we do? The vision and mission are closely linked.
  • We are more likely to ask questions of what and how when we run a business or organization. However, it the why and where questions that create inspiration and trigger action.
  • Creating a visionary culture is a process that can be compared to learing to ride a bicycle. It takes time, requires practise but with time it will be second nature.
  • Zingerman's, IKEA, Google, TOMS and MAX are great examples of organizations that have come far.
  • There are several obstacles and challenges when creating visionary cultures. In order to maintain a visionary culture, constant practice and awareness is required.
  • Some of the main challenges are a perceived conflict between having a vision and short term financial results as well as a lack of participation amongst all within an organization.
  • American research shows that vision and value driven companies are more profitable, more successfull and last longer that other corporate cultures.
  • In Sweden, visionary corporate cultures are still quite rare. There is very little research and discussion on this topic. However, we are writing a book on this very topic where we examine the challenges and benefits of using a vision as a central part of the corporate culture.

Our take away questions:

  • What would everyone (both your stars & fans) gain or improve in your organization by using a vision on a daily basis?
  • What are your organization's challenges?
  • What are your core values?
  • Have you formulated a clear vision?
  • What could be the first step in creating a visionary culture in your organization?
  • What everyday practices could you instate that would keep the vision alive and inspiring?

During our workshop, we refer to several articles, books and other information. Below you'll find links to some of the things we mentioned. Enjoy!