We see social media as an opportunity to connect—to build rapport, convey meaning or purpose and cultivate advocates.
Tweet: We see social media as an opportunity to connect—to build rapport, convey meaning or purpose & cultivate advocates. @visiontakeoff

It is no mystery; we at Vision Takeoff believe culture is at the heart of a company’s success and growth. Many of you may have realized this and have worked diligently to redefine your company’s vision and core values, activating your culture promoters and are actively strengthening your company culture. So, what more can you do? With over two billion active social media accounts, we are growing globally connected society. Your company, like many others', probably sees the value in social media and have at least a basic presence on one or more channels. But are you engaging all of your stakeholders? We see social media as an opportunity to connect—to build rapport, convey meaning or purpose and cultivate advocates. A solid social media strategy keeps your online presence in line with the overall company strategies and objectives and a component of this strategy should include engagement by internal stakeholders. This post highlights the foundational areas to leverage your social media to positively affect company culture, engage stakeholders, and strengthen your brand.  

Provide social media guidelines vs. policies

It is important to mitigate risks through a well-defined social media policy. This comprehensive document focuses on the legal do’s and don’ts of social media usage. While this is vital, encouraging the use of social media requires game rules, tips and tricks and framework for which to participate. Providing social media guidelines is a great way to deliver important aspects of the social media policy, relate the purpose of the company’s use of social media, and provide much needed best practices. Like the old adage, it is not what you say it is how you say it. The policies must exist, but guidelines are a softer, practical, user friendly way to set the stage for engagement.

Build a community

Most organizations utilize some form of internal social media or collaboration tools. Whether you are using private Facebook groups or enterprise solutions, use this direct link to your employees to tell stories and engage with your internal stakeholders. Encourage cross departmental and functional collaboration through virtual teams and the use of wikis. Set the foundation for your external social media presence in your internal spaces through blogs, surveys, forum discussions and the use of chat. Remember what makes any community great, awesome people and positive interactions.

Identify and engage Culture Promoters

Culture promoters are those people who live and breathe the company culture. They thoroughly understand and embrace the vision and core values of the organization, have a pulse on the happenings of the company and are some of your strongest brand ambassadors.  Get these people connected! Some of your culture promoters may not be social media savvy, but engage those that are. Have your culture promoters guest blog, take the company Twitter account for a specific event, and be present in social media. If you have not done so already, find these trumpeters today.

Be authentic and open

The key to successfully navigating the vastness of social media, and where numerous brands fail, is authenticity. Your communications need to be real and genuine with a purpose. Whether you are sharing news, stories, or company finances you need to be truthful and open. Transparency is beyond a buzzword in business today; the longevity of your company may just rely on it. We say it often, walk the talk. If one of your core values is caring, make sure your actions and communications relate this message. Failing to align in this way will undermine authority, damage moral and negatively effect productivity. Most people want to believe in their workplace and today’s employees seek out authentic companies.

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